Works Cited Page: Formatting for iOS Google Docs

Make sure print layout is turned on for your document. This will make formatting your paper much easier

  • The title "Works Cited" should be centered at the top of your page
  • The font needs to be Times New Roman and size 12
  • The entries in your works cited should be in alphabetical order by the first part of the citation (usually the author's last name)
  • Your works cited page need to be double spaced
  • Add a header by tapping the + symbol in the top right
  • Select "page number" from the list of options
  • Select the first style of page number
  • Add your last name to the left of the page number
  • The header should also be in Times New Roman and size 12

Hanging Indent

  • To add a hanging indent to a Google Doc on your iPad place your cursor at the beginning of the second line of the citation
  • Tap return twice on your keyboard to separate the second line from the first line
  • Use the indent button in the formatting menu
  • Delete the extra blank line you added