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English 11 The Things They Carried Research

Project Description

Newspaper Archives:

When searching these archives remember to limit results to the time period you are responsible for.

Downloading the results as PDF files will result in a clearer image for your collage.

When searching you can combine terms by using AND between your terms. You can search for synonyms by linking them with OR. Searching for a phrase in "quotation marks" will return results for that exact phrase.

You will be using NoodleTools to create a works cited for this project


  • Washington Post Archives - (1877-Present) Sign up with Google and then go to "My Post" to access the archive in the left sidebar

Year ranges and terms search

1965 - 1975 -- Weapons of war - chemical warfare

  • Napalm AND Vietnam

  • Agent Orange

  • Operation Ranch Hand

  • Chemical warfare AND Vietnam

1965-1971 - American prisoners of war

  • "prisoner of war" OR "prisoners of war" AND Vietnam

  • POW AND Vietnam

1965 - 1980 - At home: protests

    • protest AND Vietnam

    • protest AND

1965 - 1975 –morale among American troops; drug use among American soldiers

  • Vietnam AND morale

1965 - 1972 –Medical care in-country and the role of nurses, medics and doctors

    • health AND Vietnam

    • Vietnam AND nurses OR nurse

    • Vietnam AND medics OR medic

1965-1972 --The draft: who was drafted; legal and illegal ways to avoid being drafted; statistics or demographics on draftees

  • Vietnam AND draft

  • war AND draft

  • draft dodge

  • draft dodger

1965 - 1975 -- healthcare and health issues (physical and mental) for returning veterans

    • veteran* AND Vietnam

    • veteran AND health AND Vietnam

1979 - 1982 – The Vietnam Memorial

  • "Vietnam Veterans Memorial"